An Important Element For Every Spacious Home

When it comes to renovate your house, most people don’t really understand that importance of mirrors. Somewhat most of people confine mirrors to bathrooms only and that’s a big mistake. Mirrors are so versatile and An Important Element For Every Spacious Home that if used smartly can do wonders for your home. Mirrors can be...
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Storage With Style @ EgoSenseHome

The first step to refresh the look and feel of a room is to declutter, introducing a signature piece of furniture to store your belongings can bring a sense of style to your home. EgoSenseHome can provide inspiration with their range of modern, stylish storage pieces to maximize your Bedroom space. Comprehend the clean lines...

Innovating a Bedroom Sanctuary

Tranquil, calming, comfortable… these words probably distinguish your ideal bedroom. More than ever, we want our bedrooms to be a retreat. No wonder – with our crazy lifestyles and feverish schedules – who doesn’t want an oasis where they can relax and rejuvenate? Whether you have a big bedroom or small, modern or contemporary, here...

Bed Size Guide @ EgosenseHome

The Bed Size Guide Generally addressing, bed sizes in the UK are sized along the same guidelines. There are six main bed types to choose from. We’ve put together a handy little scout for you to find out incisively what size you can expect from different beds. We’ve also put in a recommendation on who...

Guide To Choose Perfect Wardrobe.

Most citizenry would agree that a wardrobe is an important element to the home as a sofa or bed. And yet, according to a recent study, 61 percent of us don't have one in our bedroom. The study, from interiors retailer EgoSenseHome, found that over 2/3 of us (first time buyers in particular) have resorted...
Chest Of Drawers

An Important Element Of Your House - Chest Of Drawers

Before you even begin to excogitate what kind of chest of drawers you’re going to choose, get out that notepad and start scribbling down everything you’re going to be putting inside it. It’s not quite as fun as drawing up a Christmas list, we’ll admit that, but it does help to ensure you get a...
High Gloss Furniture & Wardrobes

Setting The Trend Of High Gloss Furnitures & Wardrobes

Around the turn of the century, the popularity of high gloss wardrobes really took off and has shown no signs of slacking off since. Earlier restricted mostly to the kitchen space, high gloss finish furniture is now preferred for living and bedroom spaces as well. So how exactly did this come about?

Gloss looks better

While certain wardrobe buyers prefer matte or regular finish over gloss, the latter has its fair share of fans. One reason for that is its fab appearance.

A high gloss finish wardrobe looks significantly brighter and bolder compared to a low-gloss or regular finish wardrobe in the same tone. This helps in multiple ways. For instance, the high sheen finish reflects a lot of light. In a bedroom, this creates the effect of a large and airy room. Moreover, with high gloss finish you can safely choose dark tones like dark greyish or white in lighter tones. But if you opt for a dark tone with a regular or matte finish, it will absorb a notable amount of ambient light which makes the room look smaller and darker. Of all places, you definitely don’t want your bedroom to look and feel like that.

It’s not only about looks though

Having said that, gloss is not all about looks alone. It has certain functional advantages that other types of finishes can’t compete with. The maintenance aspect for one. We’re cultured to believe that all things flashy and shiny are fragile and need a lot of attention. However, a high gloss finish is anything but that.
It can comfortably withstand scrubbing. So getting your children’s handprints or crayon art off the wardrobe’s surface is, no pun intended, child’s play. A gloss finish wardrobe will go years before starting to lose its shine, by which time you’re also likely to consider replacing it altogether. A glossy finish is remarkably resistant to ambient moisture; if that is an issue where you live.

Trends come and go, but high gloss in the bedroom is here to stay. We can confidently say this because sleek, white high gloss furniture can do so much for a bedroom – it has the ability to create a dramatic contrast against textured materials in the room, like blankets, rugs and curtains. There is also a colour trend emerging whereby white glossy furniture is paired with bright, bold colours to really dazzle. Simply put, you won’t run out of complimentary decor ideas any time soon.

At the end of the day, it all depends on your choice, No matter if its matte or Gloss. We can assure you that our Designer furniture’s won’t let you down..

In 2018, At the beginning of New Year. Ego sense home set the record to launch a huge range of high gloss furniture’s & wardrobes which not only makes your interiors more space but functional & Clutter free too. From Single to 4 door wardrobes, we got it all and its just one click away to make your furniture’s up to date

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Keeping Up With Life Styles - Benefits Of Bed Side Cabinets

Comfort and luxury are the two most important factors which are considered while decorating the home with beautifully crafted furniture units. Speaking of the bedroom furniture to overcome your luxury and relaxed nights the two essentials are a master bed and a bedside cabinets. From the past years, a bedroom is not just a place...
Stylist Chest Of Drawers

Modernize Your Home with Stylish Chest Of Drawers

A chest of drawers for the end of the bed is a unique and very useful piece of furniture. It can be used in many ways and also used for many things. It is usually used to store clothes and other personal apparel but it can also be used as a sub armoire. People also...
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Keeping It Tidy By Being Spacious !!!

Redecorating a bedroom is an important task. The area needs to be comfortable and relaxing enough for you to get that all important rest, but at the same time you want it to be attractive and stylish. All too often when it comes to the bedroom, lots of care and attention is put into the...
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