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An Important Element Of Your House – Chest Of Drawers

Before you even begin to excogitate what kind of chest of drawers you’re going to choose, get out that notepad and start scribbling down everything you’re going to be putting inside it. It’s not quite as fun as drawing up a Christmas list, we’ll admit that, but it does help to ensure you get a unit that functions as a neat, comfortable storage solution for your needs.

A lot of people use their chest of drawers to store different pieces of clothing from top to bottom e.g. socks in one drawer, underwear in another, jumpers further down, etc. If this sounds a lil like you, then it might be worth checking out a model that’s built with drawers in various sizes & colours. A particularly popular and versatile design has small, tighter drawers at the top, with the compartments increasing in size and width the further down the unit you travel. If you’re having a quest for multi purpose storage solution, these types of chest of drawers are your best wager. Those smaller spaces towards the top are perfect for bits and bobs like makeup or stationery, whereas the roomier drawers can house anything from clothes to spare bedding. However, you may already have a utterly commodious place to store certain pieces of clothing elsewhere in your home, which means a versatile chest of drawers isn’t necessary. There are many types of chest of drawers out there on the market, but instead of clicking around online in a last-ditch attempt to find what you’re looking for, you can simply consult this @EgosenseHome instead.

Chest of drawers isn’t just a soundly spot for hoarding clothes – they also bivalent as expose stands if you desire. Before you dive right into the furniture catalogue, consider the amount of space you’d like to have on top of your chest of drawers unit and what you might need to put there. For example, are you an avid reader who likes to curl up with a good book at bedtime? Then you’ll need to ensure there’s enough space on the top of your chest of drawers to accommodate a lamp or reading light. You should also take notice of the height of the unit too, as you want that table lamp cable to reach the socket well.
On the other hand, you may want to use your chest of drawers as a place to store your makeup and jewellery, with a mirror alongside these boxes so you can get glammed up in the comfort of your room. In these instances, you’ll want a roomy top surface that’s about chest height when you’re sat down. This will allow you to pop in earrings and apply your blusher without being forced to strain your back to get a good look in the mirror. There’s also the option to use the surface of your chest of drawers purely for decorative purposes according to your taste.

At EgosenseHome We got it all like from smaller, wider chests of drawers closer to ground level are good choices for children’s rooms, but they may look a little out of place in more contemporary surroundings where the rest of the furniture is long, sleek, and tall. Compact, low-positioned chest of drawers suit kids rooms, whereas tallboy chest of drawers (thin, long units) are preferable for modern adult bedrooms, functioning equally well as statement pieces around the rest of the property. Chests of drawers can also differ greatly from one unit to the next. Do you like the light, tall and airy appearance of Cotswold Chest Of Drawers In Dark Oak, or are you looking for something with an older world, vintage feel? To narrow down your options, consider what the surrounding furniture says about your décor, or draw up a wish list with complementary items.
On a similar note, put some thought into whether you’d prefer your chest of drawers to be fitted with handles or not. As for décor, minimalist environments are all about “less being more”, so any attachments to your chest of drawers may prove to be distracting and out of place with the rest of the room.

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